Dorfprozeltener students run for students in Ghana

At the primary school Dorfprozelten / Stadtprozelten a so-called sponsored run has been taking place for many years. Here, the children receive a small amount of money for each round they ran from their sponsor, in our case, these are people from the personal environment of the children. The money thus earned always benefits charity projects. Since the beginning they always supported projects in Africa. Since 2018, the money goes to the association “The Rising Lions e.V.”.

On 03.05.2019 it was time again. In the best running weather, more than 90 children and some adults went on the 900-meter circuit on the Main Cycle Path. In total, just under 1200 rounds came together. As far as Ghana, the total distance travelled would not be enough, but at least that’s the equivalent of a trip from Dorfprozelten to the Italian Siena.

It was striking that many first-grade children had at least 10 laps each. This was perhaps also because many spectators, including mayor Dietmar Wolz, cheered on the athletes along the running track.

The parents’ council also provided energy boosts in the form of fresh fruit, cereal bars and drinks. The guests were also informed about “The Rising Lions e.V.”, as the club provided a small information booth. This year, the money was split into two associations. Thus, 900, – € were transferred to “The Rising Lions e.V.”. This fantastic result could only come together thanks to the support of many generous donors. Thank you very much.